Who We are

We are a network of Alliance practitioners worldwide including churches, ministries and districts who are passionate about and committed to showing the love of Christ to our global neighbors via refugee and immigrant ministry.

RAIN Vision

It is our vision to see a significant portion of Alliance churches across the U.S. reaching out to the nations by engaging with refugee and immigrant communities.

RAIN Mission

Our mission is to catalyze a Kingdom welcoming and care movement among Alliance churches by inspiring vision, raising awareness, equipping and resourcing refugee and immigrant ministries.

RAIN Goals

Kingdom Care & Welcoming Movement HERE (at home)

H  – Honoring our Alliance Heritage in Refugee/Immigrant Ministries

E  – Emphasizing Existing Biblically-based Kingdom Efforts (and)

R  – Raising Awareness of Refugee/Immigrant Outreach Opportunities (by)

E  – Educating, Equipping, Training Local Churches in Refugee/Immigrant Ministries

We believe that by creating an online network we can bring together
Alliance practitioners who are actively involved in refugee and immigrant ministries.

Together we can shape and catalyze a
Kingdom welcoming and care movement across the U.S.


This site is designed to share ideas, to show you what is happening and to give you a place to share what is working for you.

As we develop, we hope to provide churches with tools and resources to create a ministry that makes sense in your context and for your community.