WET Ministries

RAIN desires to saturate Alliance Churches with Welcoming, Equipping and Training


Welcoming our global neighbors with the love and compassion of Christ, as He has welcomed us into His Kingdom, is the heart of this network. We see an opportunity to strategically welcome, support, build relationships, and share the gospel with our global neighbors.

Network partner welcoming strategies include:

        • Offering English as a Second Language Classes
        • Offering Conversational English 1:1
        • Providing Citizenship Exam Tutoring
        • Developing or Hosting a Christian Immigration Law Center
        • Offering Bi- or Multi-Lingual Bible Studies & Worship Services
        • Hosting an International Men’s or Women’s Group Ministry
        • Establishing a Refugee/Immigrant-Led Community Garden
        • Developing a Church-based Welcoming Team/Center
          • Church offers welcoming gifts and supplies to new global neighbors coming into the local community
          • Christian couple’s or families welcome global families in to their homes to build relationships
        • Hosting/Participating in Back to School, Summer and Holiday Events
        • Offering Secondary Resettlement home furnishings and help
        • Providing Social Skills Supports within Service Systems
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We are focused on equipping our Alliance churches and Districts in welcoming ministry and programs useful for reaching global neighbors within their local communities.

Network partner equipping strategies include:

        • Offering church-wide ESL Train-the-Trainer courses
        • Hosting and collaborating with Church-based Teams to assist in refugee/immigrant community ministry
        • Providing Seminars, Workshops and Consultation to Districts on Refugee and Immigrant Ministry development
        • Convening local and regional conferences on church-based refugee and immigrant services
        • Assisting in the development of Church-based Welcome Centers for local refugees/immigrants to receive needed services
        • Sponsoring Church volunteers to receive board certified Immigrant Law Advocacy Training
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We partner with academic entities to offer specialized training to ministry practitioners worldwide in strategies useful in addressing the needs of traumatized refugees and immigrants, and those who serve them.

Network partner training strategies include:

        • International Church-Leader/Pastoral Care Conferences on Community-based Grief and Trauma Strategies
        • Crown - Certificates, bachelors and master’s in Crisis Responding
        • (Pending) MA in Counseling Certification – International Counseling
        • (Pending) virtual Global Care & Counseling Center
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