Training Ministries

Pastoral Grief & Trauma Conference - Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Phnom Penh, Cambodia - Pastoral Grief & Trauma Conference - Collaboration among Allegheny Center Alliance Church (ACAC), Pittsburgh, PA, the Khymer Evangelical (Alliance National) Church, Cambodia and Geneva College to: a) talk about grief, loss and trauma in light of the scriptures; b) train church leaders to better identify signs and symptoms associated clinical syndromes; c) increase understanding of the importance of referring others to mental health and other professionals who specialize in dealing with grief, trauma and violence; d) encourage pastors to develop support groups and lay ministry groups to provide church based social support in addressing grief, loss and trauma.

Pastor/Church Training - UNHCR Nakivale Refugee Camp, Uganda

UNHCR Nakivale Refugee Camp, Uganda - Pastor/Church Training – Collaboration between the (Anglican) Church of Uganda, Bishop Stuart University, Uganda, Allegheny Center Alliance Church and Geneva College, PA to convene pastoral training in the Nakivale Refugee Camp (pop. 60-80,000) to 80+ refugee pastors and church leaders all who belonged to the newly formed Nakivale Christian Born Again Churches Association representing 36 churches, 6 African countries, and 10,000’s of refugees. The Team taught on biblical basis of helping and caring; encouraged pastors to press forward despite needs; and prayed individually with pastors for healing and deliverance.