Equipping Ministries

The Allegheny Center Alliance Church (ACAC) - Pittsburgh, PA

Church-Led Equipping Opportunities

The Allegheny Center Alliance Church (ACAC), Pittsburgh, PA hosts a Global Welcome & Care Center that provides services to refugees/immigrants and equips Alliance and other church volunteers in English as a Second Language (ESL), Culture Training, Citizenship Exam tutoring and other needed services, and provides a monthly Swahili speaking chapel service. The ACAC Welcome Center serves as an internship site for ministry students, undergraduates, and graduate students seeking refugee/immigrant service-learning experiences under the supervision of Christian professionals. ACAC partners with other churches to establish Welcoming Posts and Centers in the Greater Pittsburgh area.

ACAC partners with the Christian Counselors Collaborative to provide psychological evaluations and trauma counseling to refugees; and has recently launched the Christian Immigration Advocacy Center (CIAC) to assist in providing a legal pathway to citizenship for refugees and immigrants.

Cathy Sigmund, PhD., CWM

Phone: 412-321-4333

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Refugee & Immigrant Care Conferences - Western PA

District/Regional Equipping Opportunities

The Western PA District of the C&MA has sponsored bi-annual Refugee & Immigrant Care Conferences – The purpose of the conferences is to increase church leaders awareness of the needs of refugees, immigrants and other internationals and highlight strategies churches can use to pro-actively offer welcoming and global care initiatives within their communities.